English Summary

The Austrian Horse Center Stadl-Paura is 12 hectares in size with a further 4 hectares rented. In the northern area are the protected historic buildings, also referred as "stud ensemble". In the south and east part the facility was expanded by modern halls and training centers. The expansive outdoor area covers riding arenas, riding trails and a forest arena.

Buildings and halls:

  • Head Office, formerly the mansion and officer´s house, built 1897-1898
  • Tract with old barracks and old forge with vet apartment: It is used in part for residential purposes and is provided as an exhibition space for the National Exhibition of 2016.
  • Old Stables: Four-sided barn, whose wings are numbered from 1 to 6, with 160 spacious boxes, large courtyard with a fountain house. Start of construction in 1807
  • Restaurant "7-stable" in the former 7-stable, leased by the Strasser Family, traditional home cooking.
  • Next to it is an equestrian-shop by Lisbeth Pfeiffer.
  • Then there is the former veterinary tract.
  • Carriage House with valuable carriages.
  • Farriers: Built in 1950, leased by the farrier Wilfried Wallner, active forge.
  • Farm buildings to house farm implements, as well as feed and bedding, manure and adjacent bins.
  • Former breeding station (former 8-stable): Used for boarding horses.
  • K. & K. Hall. Built in 1890, dimensions 18x45m
  • Banquet Hall, opened in 1999: 880 seats and another 1.300 seats in the gallery, named "Ing. Karl Bauer"-Hall (former Managing Director). Catering Services on the first floor.
  • Training stable with training hall: opened 2011. The barn includes 37 boxes with dimensions 3,5 x3, 5m, 12 of them with paddocks. The training team uses a training hall with 20x40m riding surface available, further including a covered outdoor walker for six horses, a solarium, a laundry room and three larger running coupling.

Places and Outdoor:

  • Parade Place: 35x65m
  • Covered riding area: 20x60m; was 2012/13 side boarded and connected by a shed roof with the event hall.
  • Europe Place: riding and championship course 40x100m race track with 550 meters length
  • Driving Arena: cross-country course with about 3km length including obstacles and a large water obstacle and horseback riding.
  • Forest Arena: Recessed Clay with 6.000m2, plus warm-up area with 1.500m2. The jumping ring size is 54x110m. Around 6,000 viewers have space.
  • Driving Course; 40x100m, next to the parking area Aichetfeld
  • Parking Area Aichetfeld: ample parking for visitors, at major events mobile tent boxes can be placed.

Horse population: Currently about 100 horses are stabled in the old stables and training stable. These are school horses, training horses and boarding horses. The horses are supplied by the stable team in its entirety. For events up to 500 additional horses can be accommodated on the field with mobile tent boxing.